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REVIEW: The Fifth Estate

REVIEW: The Fifth Estate

By Derek Sante - Review Nation
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A Hollywood movie, based on the people searching for the truth, most of which don’t think this movie should see the light of day. The Fifth Estate is the first major release to tackle the once powerful website and news organization Wikileaks, an entity built on truth that brought governments to their knees.

The story follows not the white-manned figurehead Julian Assange (Benedict Cumberpatch), but the secondary man holding the metaphorical pillar of justice Daniel Domscheit-Berg (Daniel Bruhl). An early supporter of the informational site, we follow Daniel as he chases Assange down the rabbit hole.

Wikileaks, which was built by Assange, was a revolutionary website platform with one main goal and promise, all whistleblowers would be anonymous and the full truth would be revealed. A large vendetta for such a small start-up enterprise that hit the big time when the truth about banks, regimes and governments saw the light of day. At every podium was Assange, around every corner was conspiracy, and so the inevitable conclusion was foretold. Telling secrets is a double-edged sword, it hurts those keeping the lies, but it also harms those who uncover and any who cross the line of truth, no matter the reason or end result.

Told in an artistic fashion and delivered with true talent, The Fifth Estate is a top-notch movie, even if basis characters like Julian Assange refer to the script as being based on the most "Toxic" book available about the events that unfolded. Benedict Cumberpatch delivers yet another great performance, but even more enthralling was Daniel Bruhl. An actor that once again took the place of a real person in hopes of delivering a truth that is not necessarily agreed upon, but is accomplished with art and talent. (Those who recently saw Ron Howard's Rush will remember him as German race car driver Niki Lauda.)

If you enjoyed the way the supposed truth about Facebook hit the screen in The Social Network, then there is more than a whisper of a chance that you'll enjoy The Fifth Estate.

Grade: A-
MPAA Rating: R

Running time: 2hr 8mins.

Movie Trailer - The Fifth Estate

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